Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, the spirit who wrote though Anthony Borgia. This book is the first part of the later publication “Life in the World Unseen”. LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN. By ANTHONY BORGIA. FOREWORD BY SIR JOHN ANDERSON, BART. This pdf was created by Geoff Cutler, and is provided . life in the world unseen, new age spiritual novel describing how spirits or souls Received through the clairaudient mediumship of Anthony Borgia, an old friend.

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Lists with This Unsefn. While this book covers ma This is the first in a number of books that claim to be the words of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, as received by Anthony Borgia. From the Next World, the spirit priest dictated a wealth of scripts to his friend, Anthony Borgia, and many of these were converted into books. If you’ve ever wondered what heaven is like this is essential reading. Jan 25, Mike Radice rated it it was amazing.

Life in the World Unseen by Anthony Borgia

I have one other still to read and although I have tons more to get through, I know I will pick up the other Borgia book fairly soon. Oct 14, Mel Torres rated it it was amazing. Aug 27, Annalouise rated it it was amazing. This is supposedly his story. While this book covers many interesting topics, the reader should not assume that because Benson was a scholarly academic of a religious bent, that he is suddenly a highly competent spirit narrator.

Despite that, I would recommend it very highly to anyone who thinks they have some preconceived notions of what the afterlife is like. Ranking this book up with the esoteric classics.


And if you don’t believe it, let’s meet when we get to the other side and discuss it. Paperbackpages. May 13, Roberta Grimes rated it it was amazing.

Lance Weaver rated it liked it Mar 17, These spirit realms are full of people who once, when they were on earth, denied that such iin as psychic faculties existed. Benson paints a picture of the afterlife of a place of beauty, opportunity, and vastness beyond anything our mortal minds could imagine.

Now if the whole earth world were to become psychically developed in every branch of its exposition, the earthplane would soon become a very different place. Wonderful exploration of the universe beyond what we can see.

From the Next World, the spirit priest dictated a wealth of scripts to his friend, Anthony Borgia, and many of unsden were converted into books. Neither of these books are particularly popular compared to the others indicating it was wise to stick to non-religious topics in the bulk of the books. Is that what life on this planet is?

When he had been alive he had sermonized, lectured, and even wrote about that the afterlife is like. A thought provoking read. Whether it is exactly like that, we won’t know until we get there, but I have enjoyed reading all about it and a lot of questions I had on the subject have now been answered, despite the many spelling mistakes!

Life in the World Unseen

He was a prolific author, both of fiction as well as religious tomes. It had a big impact on me and my husband Ren. I pick this book up again and again.

When he had been alive he had Imagine, if you will do I sound like Rod Serling? Because we see things in a clear light in the spirit world, we regard the Church on earth – and by Church I mean all those religious bodies who nominate themselves Christian – we regard the Church upon earth unesen as a help to man in his spiritual progression, but as a downright and deliberate hindrance.


Anthony Borgia and the Spirit Books he Authored.

Refresh and try again. Robert Benson was a Roman Catholic priest who became famous for several novels he had written during his lifetime. Life in the World Unseen is one of several books by Borgia and Benson in collaboration. One thing Benson makes clear is that there are many levels and dimensions in heaven, and you earn your place in unsern through service anthonyy others.

It has become absorbed in the details of dogma and doctrine and the outward displays of showy ritual. He does not cover advanced spiritual topics such as achieving the new birth, in fact he has quite limited comment on these matters, reserving them unsen another book entitled “Facts.

He sought and received permission to dictate back to someone still on earth who was a “sensitive,” someone who would hear what he was dictating. It is one of several books dictated by Benson to Borgia who also passed away in at age Return to Book Page.

What do these messages say about the Bible? Benson was appointed a supernumerary private chamberlain to the Pope in and, consequently, styled as Unseeb. First and foremost, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.