Beej Bachao Andolan: The genesis. The fertile valleys in Garhwal Himalayas witnessed a near genetic wipeout in agriculture. By the mids, large arcas of . Jardhargaon, a small village in the Tehri-Garhwal district of Uttaranchal, pioneered a people’s movement to conserve indigenous seeds and promote traditional. Our hunt for people working with this ethos led us to the doorstep of Vijay Jardhari of Beej Bachao Andolan in remote rural Uttarakhand. In a village called Upli.

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Comment from Edna Chepkurui-Moyo Jasiri. BBA actively promotes the use of traditional farming methods like baranaja. Programme organisers sampled different varieties and combinations of seeds, returning to farmers the varieties that were particularly useful. beejj

So he and his colleagues found out about traditional varieties of seeds. He operates from the mountains of Himachal Pradesh where he plays with technology, farming and eco-construction. The Media and Development Network. Along with other activities of chipco movement, Jardhari formed the BBA to promote traditional agriculture and crop varieties.

This movement has not only resulted in higher yields but also improved the soil fertility bachso agro-biodiversity. What the farmers here were doing was avoiding monoculture in a method called baranaja 12 grainswhich involves the multicropping of a number of cereals and legumes.


ALso one would like to know how far the activities of the BBA has expanded. This diversification is security against drought and crop failure. A farmer and social activist from Jardhargaon realised that modern agriculture was destroying traditional farming.

Beej Bachao Andolan, Save Seed Movement of Uttarakhand

At our farm in Himachal Pradesh, we were looking to plant some indigenous varieties but were surprised that all fingers pointed us to the agricultural shops that sell seeds. Log in to add a comment. The links below lead to knowledge filtered for the focus of this theme site space. Our seed banks are rich. Vijay Jardhari with his seeds. Different varieties of Rajmah. Thus, a proper crop rotation is ensured.

Everyone in the village has a good access beek high quality seeds this way and the quality of seeds automatically goes up every year. Comment from Warren Feek. Aug 28 – 4: Earlier there were bzchao than varieties of rice ansolan Garhwal before Green Revolution, now there are only He decided to discontinue the cultivation of chemical-dependent seeds.

Beej Bachao Andolan | Vikalp Sangam

Learn andola with Brainly! It has its roots in the Chipko Movement. Traditionally, most of the villages in India depended on exchanging seeds and it led to a beautiful, self-sustaining seed bank. To accomplish this outcome, programme organisers visited villages in the region to learn more about traditional varieties of seeds. Comment from Philipos Petros Gile.


Today BBA has about varieties of paddy from which different varieties can still be grown.

besj This diversification is security against drought and crop failure. Now, Beej Bachao Andolan has about varieties of paddy from which different varieties can still be grown. BBA has also collected more than varieties of rajma. Activists of Beej Bachao Andolan. Of cereals and legumes. One of the key figures during the epic Chipko movement primarily a forest conservation movement started in Vijayji has dedicated his life to preserving seeds.

Meet this man in remote Uttarakhand who has dedicated his life to preserving seeds

Different crops are harvested at different times of the year and ensure year-round supply of food. Vijay Jardhari a farmer and social activist realised that modern agriculture was destroying traditional farming.

Because of the adverse effects of Green revolution, many indigenous practises and seeds have been lost. Jubin is an old timer at YourStory.