An exclusive and revealing interview with the author of some of the most well- respected books on classic menswear, Bernhard Roetzel. Gentleman. A Timeless Guide to Fashion was first published in German in , by the publishing. For a Nordic man, reviewing a book by Bernhard Roetzel is an intimidating task. As I’m a Finn, doubly so. It can be argued that with his book.

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Hitler used clothes very cleverly, and dressed perfectly for every occasion. How would you describe the current state of classic menswear?

I have noticed than in Germany and Austria it is considered completely acceptable to mix traditional clothing with a shirt and tie — for example, you can see that look on almost every street corner in Munich…. Aleyas Kulamadayil rated it really liked it Feb 07, When it comes to ranking countries by how well the average man bermhard dressed, Italy undoubtedly ranks 1, while Germany probably ranks close to roezel As I sojourned there, I began to notice a category of German man that dresses very elegantly.

You have written extensively about sartorial rules, for lack of a better term. I found these names to be a bit gentlemxn yet appropriate — after all, life is pretty much divided to work, free time and occasional festivities.

German (un)elegance: Bernhard Roetzel helps debunk a few myths

In general German politicians are expected to look like an accountant. Today you will find more good bespoke shoemakers in Austria, although the country is much smaller than Germany. No trivia gentlemah quizzes yet. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Adriano Dirnelli — — — Dirnelli: Simon Li rated it it was amazing Apr 30, This decision makes the book indefinitely more relatable as the individuals are from a variety of ages, stylistic backgrounds and professions.


Viac na mojom blogu. First of all you need a concept for your personality. Lists with This Book. This is a must read book for anyone who wishes to understand not just how to dress well, but the how and why of the evolution of style. In the 19th century, tailors everywhere in the world tried to come up with foolproof cutting systems in order to reduce the number of fittings.

It’s roetzl a bad book, but it was very much written for straight men who respect bankers and the monarchy, so as a gay communist I didn’t get a lot out of it. He has changed his hairstyle to look less upper class, but he is still perceived as an aristocrat. Views Read Edit View history.

Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion

But who inspires you? He is known for writing Gentleman. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Have you changed on your mind on anything that you initially wrote for that book? Bernhard Roetzel On Classic Menswear. Was it influenced by the well-established Hungarian shoemaking tradition, via the historical ties of the Austro-Hungarian Empire?

The Monarchies as leaders of style had disappeared but their standards were still important. Would you say you are fearing the worst or expecting the best?

A Timeless Guide to Fashion, what would it be? A good entry point for people who are new to classic menswear. It forces the reader to really concentrate on what he is seeing, instead of giving pre-chewn solutions or listing proven combinations.

Christoffer Riis rated it it was amazing Jan 21, German upperclass members with old money dress in a similar way. German aristocrats and other gentlekan people always rodtzel a strong penchant for Austria, and Vienna in particular. Bernhard is the author of several classical style books for men, but he is probably best known for Gentleman: As someone who would wish to see the elegance and refinement of the s and s return gentlleman today’s society I would advocate that all young men should read this book and then aspire to the standards that it advocates.


This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat A Timeless Guide to Fashion by clicking here or get a copy of Gentleman: A vision of what your style is supposed to express.

They very often use pattern blocks or prefab patterns from the ready-to-wear industry that they adapt to their needs. I guess a lot of production will come back to Europe and China will become much more sophisticated and real challenge for Italy. The extremely elegant Berthold Beitz was one of his customers. Hung Yang rated it liked it Jan 31, Wilfried Roetzel [11] and his wife Sigrid Roetzel. Gentleman is the tried-and-tested guide on matters of style and quality.

The audience is free to choose from both options. I spoke to a cloth merchant in Paris last week and was amazed when they said there are maybe only 20 good bespoke tailors left in France today.

Bernhard ROETZEL, Author at Parisian Gentleman

Interview With A Gentleman: What are the myths vs. Are you excited about the subsequent changes in the classic menswear industry?

Not necessarily your youth style icons you genlteman up to, but present day menswear personalities that have truly made an impact on you and push you to keep looking for new horizons. In general German tailors had very good cutting systems.