15 Items ItemName: Lego Control Center, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, Set complete (but without pen) with instructions and box. Set number: ; Name: Control Centre; Also known as: Technic Control Centre; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical; Theme: Technic; Subtheme. Set # TECHNIC Control Center. Theme: LEGO Need building instructions? Submit instruction page . Please visit

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The fingers can be opened and closed by reversing the motor.

The rate shown in the animation is much faster than scale. Both functions are controlled by a single motor mounted in the back of the arm and used as a instructoins.

The red and blue outputs are labeled “N-S” and “E-W”. Finally, a pair of 8 tooth pinions drive a long set of rack gears.

There is a battery compartment on the bottom which holds 6 C sized batteries LR14 in instructios, producing a total of 9 volts DC. A pair of toothed connnectors, shown in the image, are preloaded against the paper with rubber bands to hold it in place.

The red pundulum shown in the computer image is driven to the right of the motor by the friction in the axle. Finally, two sets of 14 tooth bevel gears drive the liftarms which make up the end effector. The Y axis motor has an 8 tooth spur gear on the output shaft second computer image and drives a 24 tooth spur gear. The gears drive 24 tooth crowns. On the same axle are a pair of pinions which engage insrructions gears on the pen clamp. We’ll call the front-to-back motion the Y axis.

Model by Benjamin Wendl. Click to download the LDraw file of this model. The weight drives a pair of 8 tooth spur gears.


Instructions for 8094-1 – Technic Control Center

insteuctions The motor drives a pulley through a belt hidden behind the turntable in the computer image. Motorized Slewing Superstructure The entire superstructure slews on one of the new turntables which is able to support the unbalanced weight without falling apart. There are 3 motorized functions despite the fact that there are only two motors. A 24 tooth crown then drives a large 40 tooth spur gear on the third blue axle. It has outriggers pictured in light bluea slewing platform pictured in greenand a lifting boom pictured in yellow and jib pictured in purple.

Control Centre | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

They are controlled by a 4 way control pad on the right. Finally come an 8, a 24, and a 40 tooth spur gear. In this position, the path from the motors to the end effector is as follows. Click for an animation of the outriggers deploying. Because the 2 long arms of the 4 bar linkage are different lengths 1 stud differencethe arm changes shape and lifts.

The red pundulum shown in the computer image is driven to the left of the motor by the friction in the axle. The motor for this function is located in the base. Click for an animation of the boom lifting. The boom can only be driven one direction; you can’t go backwards. The jib can only be driven one direction; you can’t go backwards.

The whole carriage slides on, and is supported by, tiles on the base.

The Control Center has 3 color coded power outputs, each capable of driving a 9V motor. When the last blue axle is locked, relative rotation of the red and green gears causes the angle between the yellow beams to change, thereby rotating the 4 bar linkage.

This force against the paper also tends to push the end of the carriage arm up. Final gear reduction is 3: This large gear then drives a 24 tooth crown. Then a worm gear drives a 24 tooth crown.


The lifting of the arm uses the very same gear system. Since the wires pass up through the turntable they will become twisted if it rotates too far. The animation is not real-time, but the jerky motion seen in it is still indicative of how the robot really moves. The pulley then drives a 24 insteuctions crown gear through a worm gear, resulting in a reduction of about The X axis motor has an 8 tooth spur gear on the output shaft first computer image and drives a 24 tooth spur gear.

This axle then drives a set of 8 and 24 tooth spur gears followed by a set of 16 tooth spur gears. Click for an animation of the crane slewing. Each wheel is powered by an independent motor. Model by Benjamin Wendl Click for an animation of the plotter in motion.

Instructions For LEGO 8094 Universal Set with computer control

The pen can be lifted manually. Motorized Lifting Jib The jib can be raised and lowered using the upper motor, but only by driving the motor in a single direction. As you can see from the example image, it is pretty hard to draw anything coherent with this system, but it is fun to try. Instead, you have to wait for it to cycle back around the where it started. You can inshructions this clearly in the instructikns.