Lepra tuberculoide. Rios González, Carlos Miguel Cátedra de Dermatología. Facultad de Ciencias Médicas. Universidad Nacional de Caaguazú. Paraguay. El 65,4 % de los casos índices fueron hombres y 22 (84,6 %) lepromatosos; dos tenían lepra indeterminada y dos tuberculoide. Los casos secundarios fueron. La lepra o malaltia de Hansen és una malaltia infectocontagiosa però difícilment . que estaran engruixits i es podran palpar, sobretot a la lepra tuberculoide.

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Interval between symptoms and diagnosis was years.

Chromosome 6q25 is linked to susceptibility to leprosy in a Vietnamese population. Ttuberculoide, it seemed of interest to review the topic by means of a highly representative clinical case.

When the primary case was paucibacillary, no multibacillary leprosy occurred in the secondary case.

Indian J Lepr ; Evidence for interaction of disease. Weekly Epidemiological Record22 May. There were suppurating ulcers on the right trochanter and at the head of the left fibula.

However, the absence of a granulomatous form or inflammatory response reduces the tissue destruction characteristic of the tuberculoid form. They may take the form of multiple nodules lepromas that progress to necrosis and ulceration. Hopefully the present report will serve to remind us that this stigmatized pathology should not be forgotten. This notion of cross reactions is not unique, although it is better documented in examples of humoral rather than cell immunity.

The present case report describes a patient with lepromatous leprosy acquired within a contagious family setting during childhood and adolescence.

However, as positive results are also obtained in patients without leprosy this test only serves to assess the immunological state in already-diagnosed tuberculoice 1,6. He had spontaneous mobility of the extremities, where examination revealed the amputation of fingers and toes of the left foot, as well as the supracondylar amputation of the right lower extremity. The subsequent damage to the sclera and iris may produce blindness.

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From the clinical point of view the greater evidence of pathology appears when the nasal bones, the nasal spine and even the midline maxillary region become affected; the erosion tiberculoide complete destruction of the latter leads to tissue collapse, with sinking and spreading of the overlying skin and other soft tissues saddle nose.

Dermatology Online Journal

He lives with his wife, a daughter and five grandchildren. Lepromatous leprosy in index cases was more frequently associated with leprosy in the couple. Treatment plan upon discharge: This tuberculoife treated with NPH insulin. Leprous patients with a positive Mitsuda reaction usually present a histological tissue reaction similar to that found in tuberculosis, and hence the name give to this clinical form is tuberculoid leprosy.

The phalanx and metacarpal or metatarsal bones are often affected, with marked shortening that may leave only a stump 1.

Hansen Neuropathy: Still a Possible Diagnosis in the Investigation of a Peripheral Neuropathy.

Without anti-leprosy tubrculoide since due to negativization. This leads to loss of periodontal support for the upper middle incisors, which eventually fall out. This nodular dermal appearance, often referred to as leonine facies, is another facial deformity characteristic of leprosy 1,8.

In addition to traumatic lesions, the loss of cutaneous tissue favours pyogenic infections, ulcers and spreading to deeper tissues. The differential diagnosis includes systemic lupus erythematosus, sarcoidosis, cutaneous leishmaniasis and other skin diseases, tertiary syphilis, lymphomas, systemic mycosis, traumatic lesions and malignant neoplasias, among other disorders.

Although the disease is uncommon in our milieu the rising immigration of recent years is good reason to take it into consideration. There may also be tuberckloide of the anterior maxilla and loss of teeth.

Blood tests upon admission corroborated the anaemic state and the hepatic and renal alterations indicated previously. He also had problems swallowing and presented solid and liquid dysphagia.

Saúde Pública – Lepra Conyugal Lepra Conyugal

There may also be destruction of the anterior maxilla and loss of teeth 1,2,4,5. Only two couples had consanguinity. Services on Demand Journal.

Clinical aspects of leprosy. A hard and rigid irregular nerve trunk is sometimes observed in the more superficial areas of the elbow cubital nerve or at the head of the fibula peroneal nerve. Male patient aged 65 with no known allergies; he smokes twenty cigarettes a day and has a history of moderate alcohol abuse.


Mononeuritis is the most common presentation of leprosy but other clinical manifestations are possible, including skin lesions. Full text available only in PDF format. There were some pigmented lesions on the distal third of the hard palate; the rest of the mucosa showed a normal appearance Figures 2 and 3.

Multiple amputations bilateral metacarpophalangeal, left metatarsophalangeal and nose due to relapsing infection of the septum, performed during the active phase of the disease Figure 1 secondary to the leprous infection. N Engl J Med ; Andersen JG, Manchester K. Correlation of oral surface temperatures and the lesions of leprosy.

The disease presents polar clinical forms the “multibacillary” lepromatous leprosy and the “paucibacillary” tuberculoid leprosyas well as other intermediate forms with hybrid characteristics Table 1. Discussion – Facial alterations: Quinolones, such as ofloxacin and pefloxacin, as well as some macrolides, such as clarithromycin and minocyclin, are also effective.

The resulting nodules may become ulcerated. Impact of MDT on incidence rates of leprosy among household contacts.

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The diagnosis, based on clinical suspicion, is confirmed through bacteriological and histopathological analyses in which non-caseating granulomas are observedas well as by means of the lepromin test intradermal reaction that is usually negative in lepromatous leprosy form and positive in the tuberculoid form 6.

The epidemiology of leprosy. In other cases the bone involvement is secondary to peripheral neuropathy. The most commonly used drugs are dapsone, rifampicin and clofazimine.