MANUAL 5. monitor WARNING The original AMBERSTAR game discs we supply are guaranteed to be free of virus infections. Only in this way can . Amberstar – Double Barrel Screenshot · Information · 6 reviews · 4 manuals · Cheatcode · 6 weblinks Download one zip file with the 4 game manuals. Amberstar – Double Barrel Screenshot · Information · 6 reviews · 4 manuals · Cheatcode · 6 weblinks · 8 screenshots · 4 boxscans · 3 diskscans.

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Take either eastern door north or south and ambersatr again to one set of Firebirds. Search to flush out more Orcs. Then north to discover the Forget-me-not flower on the altar. Gird up your loins and so on as the Dragon awaits.

Go through the door north and fight Rats before travelling east. The same is true for pictures on the wall of some rooms. Going west through the false wall note the Sign “P” from the Puzzlemouth.

Leave these till all the Entrance level and the Towers are fully explored. Firstly on the east side to find and fight Rats through the second door east.

The correct answers open up a corridor east in the western passage where Rats are waiting. The Tomb entrance is north of the Oasis. Entry point on the fourth level is heading north in the eastern half of the level. Fighting the first Rats in Twinlake Sewers is also good preparation for your characters’ first promotions.


Cross the room to exit into a corridor in the northwest corner of this room. Say “Bala” to go north. Then through the door west to enter a room with a door south. Forgive my memory but I believe that there’s a set of Bones to be found at the end of the passage here. Take these to Mera’s House to benefit. Enter it and go north through two doors to be rewarded with the discovery of a Chest containing a Piece of Amberstar, 7 Gems ambberstar Gold.

Again in the north corridor before entering a door south. Use the key ajberstar the Bedroom to the east and find a Wardrobe stuffed with Gold, Armour, weapons, a potion and Boots. Then north before heading south through a south door to fight more Rats.

Amberstar walkthrough

The Statue you pass advises the Party that it needs to find eight signs and join them. The crowbar you should already have from the Dragon Inn in Twinlake.

Just miss one square north as you enter the Old Hall of Knights. The trick is to retreat when the odds are against you and to keep at least one character’s Life Points up all the time. In the Chest is the Staff of Harachte. To enter Woods and Forests though you must be on foot so will have to park Dobbin in a place where you can find him her again.


Follow the passage east and explore north before entering the door east.

Amberstar walkthrough: amberstarwalkthrough – Abandonware DOS

The passage to the west opens up and at the end is the missing Broom. Much to my disappointment showing this to Orlando or Captain Brix produced no response.

The wall closes behind the Party after the first Puzzlemouth so the only way out is via the correct Teleport after umpteen battle or in a wooden box back to Shandra and that’s presuming you haven’t “died” earlier amberstag the game and blown your resurrection staff. The corridor to the west leads south through a door to the Crown.

Entry point is in the southeast heading north. Build your initial Experience points by walking over or sailing under bridges. Twinlake offers Rafts for sale but two of these are to be found for free.

Don’t go near the house if you haven’t already found or bought a crowbar. White Wizards are the Ambrestar and Grey Wizards cast defensive spells. It’s important to get Life Points under your belt to eliminate the frustration of early deaths.