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AS/NZS Australian/New Zealand Standard. ™. Structural steel welding. Part 1: Welding of steel structures. A. S. /N. ZS AS/NZS Australian/New Zealand Standard™. Structural steel welding. Part 1: Welding of steel structures. Originated in Australia as AS CA8— Join our Senior Welding Engineer Alan McClintock as he brings to attention what to do if using steels not manufactured to AS/NZS

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T-joints by other ns of the Medium restraint: For deep penetration fillet welds made by fully automatic arc welding processes, provided that it can be demonstrated by means of a macro test on a production weld that the required penetration has been achieved, an increase in design throat thickness shall be allowed as shown in Figure 3.

The change of shape shall be gradual, with no evidence of splitting or cracking in the flattened portion. Temporary welds and attachments shall not be allowed on the tension flanges 155.1 beams, girders and similar members. Report “As NZS See Appendix D, Items g and h. The consumable shall comply with the requirements of Clause 4. Where the root is to be gouged back to sound metal, the root tolerances given in Table 5.

Where flux is re-used, flux-recycling systems shall include suitable sieves and magnetic particle separators and shall be such that the flux remains in a satisfactory condition for re-use. For plate thicknesses of less than 15 mm, the transducer size may be reduced to 8 mm and frequencies increased to 5 MHz.

Minimum preheating temperatures related to arc energy input may be determined in accordance with Clause 5.

Provided each preparation complies with the requirements of Table E1 for double-V, double bevel, double-U and double-J welds, preparations of unequal depth shall be deemed prequalified also. Local strain due to weld distortion should be disregarded. Availability of records, for perusal by inspector see Clause 1545.1. Table B1 may be used without modification for welded members and connection components that are not subjected to more than 1. Equal width rectangular hollow sections Where the end of a rectangular hollow section member is welded to the surface of another rectangular hollow section member of equal width, the welding procedure shall be qualified in accordance with Clause 4.


AS 1554.1 & AS/NZS 1554.1

Test reports for non-destructive examination shall comply with the appropriate Australian Standard and shall include the following additional information: It should then involve a progressive reduction in frequency of testing, on the basis of achieving compliance with each test. The mzs slope between the parts shall be not steeper than 1: All welding and fabrication work must be performed using qualified procedures.

This edition incorporates the following major changes to the edition: The preferred sizes of fillet welds less than 15 mm are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm. Joint identification Close-joint square butt weld, welded both sides Manual metal-arc Submerged arc t 3 max.

The test piece may nze made as a production test piece. Charpy V-notch impact fracture toughness tests Non-destructive testing—Ultrasonic testing of fusion-welded joints in carbon and low alloy steel Certification of welding supervisors—Structural steel welding Radiography of metals—Image recommendations 15541. their use quality indicators IQI and Resistance welding equipment—Single-phase a.

When applying this qualification for single-run and multi-run fillets, consideration shall be given to the pre-heat requirements ad combined thicknesses of T1, T2 and T3, and the pre-heat requirements for the combined thicknesses shall be shown on the welding procedure specification WPS and on the procedure qualification record PQR.

The diameter of the hole for a plug weld shall be— a b not less than the sum of 8 mm plus the thickness of the part containing the hole; and not more than the greater of— i ii the sum of 11 mm plus the thickness of the part containing the hole; and 2. Such variations include transducer sizes and frequencies. See Appendix G for guidance on the relationship between these steels and material group numbers utilized in other Standards.


Except where a greater hardness is ax in accordance with Appendix D, Item ithe ax of weld-heat-affected zones shall be not greater than HV No peening shall be done on the root or surface layer of the weld or in the base metal at the edges of the weld. If required, reference may be made to porosity charts in ASto assist in assessing the appearance of this level of porosity on a radiograph. St The fabricator shall record the results of the qualification tests carried out e.

Asnzs Compliance Requirements | Blog | Global Welding

The specimen shall comply with Table 4. NDE technique and alternatives see Clauses 6. Consumables for gas-tungsten arc welding conform to Column 7 of Table 4. Where non-complying welds are detected during a spot examination, two additional spots, each of the same length as the original spot, should be examined. Welds nominated as Category SP, but not complying with the requirements of that category, may be considered as Category GP welds, provided the requirements of the design Standard are satisfied and the principal has agreed.

The size of seal welds shall comply with Clauses 3. This paper provides a summary of the key changes, the basis for these changes and interim ns u The compliance of completed welds with these categories shall be determined in accordance with the different inspection requirements and different acceptance levels of imperfections for the categories, as given in Clause 6. Repaired welds shall be reinspected to the same aas as that originally specified. Thank you for interesting in our services.