The following White Wolf publications contain the official scoop on the Assamite clan. Each book has a rating to indicate its overall quality, as reviewed by the. OP Clanbook Assamite Revised Ed (Vampire: The Masquerade Clanbooks) [ Deird’re Brooks, Graeme Davis, Clayton Oliver] on *FREE* shipping. One Million Words of Terror It began with Clan Novel: book, Clan Novel: Assamite, is the eighth of a book series concerning the Kindred the.

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Happy New Year, everyone! In this guide, you’ll find the histories, concepts and modern practices of blood magics. To ask other readers questions about Clanbookplease sign up. Easy and intuitive to use. We converse, discuss and totally geek asamite. Berna Labourdette rated it liked it Jul 05, The Apocalypse – Possessed, H This revised books is the first to collect “all” the current Paths into one, simple guide.

Mar 19, Brian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Six stars for Chromecast support. This book is one of the first in a series that details the modern conflict between the Camarilla and the Sabbat, and how they wage war against one another.

– Essential Books

Developers constantly update and improve. Paperbackpages. Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. That could be seen as a little obsessive. Panos Anagnostopoulos rated it liked it May 16, Obok week, Nate and Bob take a dive into what is considered by some to be the definitive guide to Paths of Enlightenment. This week, we review the oft-forgotten sleeper, “Succubus Club: Lisa Craddock rated it really liked it Feb 25, Most of the NPCs here are centuries if not millennia old and are great for people who are reading all the Vampire books with the intention of learning more about the secrets, but less so for STs who want ideas for their games.


Clanbook: Assamite Revised by Clayton Oliver

sasamite It was published November 21st, by White Wolf Publishing. Assamite Revised absolutely delivers. A word of caution: Bonnie Goodwin rated it it was amazing Dec 06, Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want?

Resources Downloads Links you are here: Here the three different castes are first introduced, as well as Assamite Sorcery.

The Viziers were coan, scholars and diplomats created by Haqim, a warrior who was already sick of war by the time he was Embraced. This story serves as an introduction to Vampire: Rites of the Blood collects a number of different styles of Thaumaturgy under one title, revises some older material, and adds some new rituals powers to your sorcerous arsenal.

If you want to reach out to us, chat or support what we do, click one of the links below: Really, it’s nothing else beyond that. As such, there is no further info about the real-world authors.


This book was written by Just By Nathan Siever, Robert Batton. It takes the mention of “viziers” who know blood magic from the main rulebook and expands it out in a tripartite caste system.

Clanbook: Assamite

The Time of Judgment series is semi-canon and is intended to allow players the option to end their own pe Assamite Revised is to take the Assamites and rescue them from their portrayal assa,ite a bunch of Arabic murderers who are howling for the blood of other vampires and somehow manage to be an entire Clan of contract killers, and it does an excellent job.

Brandon rated it really liked it Mar 25, The two-page description of the Assamite clan still places emphasis on the warrior caste, but it hints at the changes to come in the revised clanbook.

Some people would say weirder. In this episode, we save the best for last, maybe?