Purpose: To screen, diagnosis and evaluate early development Age: Birth to years Time: Full BDI: hours; Screening Test: minutes The Battelle. Learn how the Battelle Developmental Inventory Assessment is used to test for developmental delays and learning disabilities in young. Agenda. ▫Overview of BDI ▫Demonstrations and Structured Group. Practice. ▫ Common Administration Errors. ▫Scoring the Protocol.

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Other researchers have related BDI scores with scores of other tests. Examiners should be cautious when testing young children who are close to the age cutoff levels to avoid inappropriate eligibility and intervention decisions. It also allows some deviation from the exact words if the child does not understand the instructions.

Add comment Close comment form modal. An investigation of the validity and reliability of the Battelle Developmental Inventory with a population of children younger than 30 months bsi identified handicapping conditions.

Intercorrelations among domains showed that 5 BDI domains are more accurate for children over the age of 2 years. The strengths of the BDI and the comprehensiveness of the domains it measures are reasons that it has been used by many researchers as a tool for longitudinal studies, determining developmental trajectories and outcomes, and classifying children.

Battelle Developmental Inventory | Physical Therapy | Oxford Academic

Snyder et al 12 tested the construct validity of the BDI. Depending on the extent to which inventoey examiner uses one format or another, the results could differ.

Using this method, however, some children can receive a negative DQ. Discovery of developmental Delays. Please check for further notifications by email.


Battelle Developmental Inventory, Second Edition (BDI-2)

Standardization The standardizing process of the BDI consisted of testing developmsntal norming sample of children, with approximately children 50 male and 50 female at each 1-year age level from birth to 8 years.

Test-retest reliability of BDI total scores was between. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Concurrent validity of the Battelle Developmental Inventory: Criterion-related validity of a new standardized invehtory measure for use with infants who are handicapped. Another problem with BDI scoring is that procedures recommended to calculate extreme scores of children who have severe and profound disabilities do not appear to be adequate.

Concept, research design, and writing were provided by Berls and McEwen. The examiner’s manual includes chapters on scoring and interpretation that show how to apply BDI scores. The availability of 3 test formats increases the likelihood that children receive the highest possible score for all skills they can perform.

A battery administration can be completed in 60 to 90 minutes, while the inevntory test can be administered in 10 to 30 minutes. The BDI is administered by first finding a basal level, which is the age level at which the child gets full credit for all items in a subdomain. Concurrent validity of the Battelle Developmental Inven-tory for speech and language disordered children.

The children entered the study at ages 2 to 5 years and were retested at a 2-to 3-year interval. These tools can lead to the identification of children who are not functioning within age-appropriate or performance-based expectations. Hands On Child-friendly manipulatives and colorful test items keep children engaged. These profiles can be used to help determine whether a child’s deficit is due to weaknesses in all areas of development or in one specific area such as fine motor skills.


The results of the study suggested that examiners should be cautious about obtaining and reporting isolated scores in the social-emotional, cognitive, and communication domains because they appear not to reflect unique developmental domains.

Instead of the SEM, the manual provided directions for calculating the standard error of the mean. The BDI has 3 administration formats: The assessment of at-risk infants and toddlers with the Bayley Mental Scale and the Battelle Develop-mental Inventory: Responses are grouped into categories to track growth: Another problem is that the reliability and validity of this item version of the BDI cannot be assumed.

The sample consisted of 50 children each in the 0-to 5- 6-totoand to month-old age ranges and children in the to month-old range, for a total of children in the 0-to month-old range.

Little research has been conducted with the BDIST, but the work that has been done suggests that its use results in over-referral of children for further testing. BDI-2 NU provides actionable data for immediate instruction and intervention.

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. E-Kits offer deveoopmental streamlined paperless solution so data collected offline can be stored for upload when an internet connection is available. The article does not, however, necessarily reflect the policy of that office, and official endorsement should not be inferred.