Description of bbmp suvarna khata application form Cf / s Application for Khata Registration/Transfer/Bifurcation/Amalgamation DAiPg v AUg Ug P, AUg No. Application for Khata Registration/Transfer/Bifurcation/Amalgamation. DAi斂鵬濛 g斂. 庇瑰v In who’s Name is the khatha currently registered in BBMP records. 3) Cf 寥鬆鮑¹z ╯瞭P / Date of receipt of application form v壎襄優冘 ¤U壕. Khata Transfer Bangalore and Khata Registration – It is very cumbersome to Submit the filled registration form at BBMP office and get sealed.

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But yet to provide me with a copy. You will have to carry a copy of your sales deed for the same.

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Now I am planning to start the house construction as my family is in need of a home now. Is it a case of khata transfer, bifurcation, amalgation, or registration? Jit n Ipsita Bose Sent: Currently its showing land owner Name. For a property owner having a property allotted by Bangalore Development Foorm BDA or Karnataka Housing Board, the following documents are needed to apply for E-Khata registration along with the application form:.

What Could I do online to get it? Try to avoid outside hyperlinks inside the comment. If you want transver discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. Dear sir, Please send me few samples of vamshavruksha copy how prairie.


The panchayat official saidthere is no government order for issuing Khatau. Her son is in abroad. The main aim of his blog is to “help investors take informed financial decisions. Thanks for your advice, however the BBMP officer is saying that there is no entry in their register and hence he is not providing Khata extract. I am totally dependent on loan. Later i got to know that there is one further step to be taken to get the Khata Patra. If you like, bring a few extra and share with others.

We had purchased a site in marathahally measuring sq ft and it is B-Khatha. It falls under Gram panchayat. We knew it is an agricultural land of 3 Acres, and owner divided some land into plots and sold all plots. Kindly suggest how will I get Khata in my name. I got Khatha transfer done in 15 days after few follow-ups. Meanwhile, BBMP revenue officers were also overworked.

Kindly go through the points given in the article. E-Khata refers to electronic khata or computerized khata that can be filed online by property owners. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. How can we confirm what Khatha we trqnsfer going to get.

Khatha Certificate For Property Registration, Transfer. How – Ramani’s blog

The ARO is asking to pay betterment charges Rs. I have paid property taxes online till He says it is b khata only.


Then once the flat is registered in your name, you can easily get the Khatha transfer done again in forn name. Unfold by Ipsita Bose guest18 Apr Suggest you to consult a Civil lawyer. House is in deceased person. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but trnsfer can opt-out if you wish. If possible, try to find with other Flat owners whether they have received OC or not after registering the property. Property owners can apply either online or at BangaloreOne centres.

Suggest you to visit the nearest local civic body municipality or panchayat to get more details on how to make khata transfer and why it has been blocked. Now we have applied property loan for Second building. Emotions, tranfser run high on eve of Hyderabad High Court bifurcation.

Then told to get a form filled for Khata bifurcation and transfer. Suggest you to take help of a lawyer or any good real estate agent to get this done. Suggest you to check about the eligibility of getting A-khata on your property with BBMP staff when paying the betterment charges. Can we initiate getting khata by self?