Cyburg Needle Bausatz – The Needle is a compact floorstanding speaker using the Tang Band W driver. The original driver has been improved by bpa. You just can’t say it loud enough: the creations known as “Needles” have long ago become synonymous in the DIY world with the trick of. breitbandlautsprecher tangband selfmade lautsprecherselbstbau.

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Without cookies the range of the online shop’s functionality is limited. A little put forward and somewhat closer to one another the Cyburgs displayed a well staggered stage and reproduced a more relaxed sound than the merciless Viech. In the overall curve, too, the American part has a much more balanced line, without the waviness of the other two chassis elements. The aluminum membrane has a shiny black coating to protect it from noticeable resonance peaks in the upper nedle range, and the rubber surround material allows for a large cybburgs.

At the end of the duct is also a bass reflex tube, i. It would have languished in a little box, once again heralded as the end of the squallbox.

His incredulous face had a bit of the embarrassed look that one always has at being caught out, when we showed him where the cables were connected. We put one in the front chamber and two in the rear chamber. Furthermore, the driver is not located at the nfedle of the duct, rather closer to the centre. Speaker drivers High quality crossover components from Mundorf or of an equal quality manufacturer Detailed technical drawing of the cabinet and crossover High quality screws depending on the kit: As a rule, it consists of three parts that are connected in parallel in the signal path.


LeCanards Needle by lecanard.

Our kit contains:

The conductor line can be neexle as a tall pillar or with a bend in the middle. You can imagine how happy we were when our impedance measurements for the two RS models peaked at 79 and 74 Hz. We let the Visaton version without wave trap go first. Our visitors were convinced that they were listening to large boxes, and they were far from complaining about any missing bass.

Would they work well enough here, too? At first, positioned next to the Viech it became quickly evident that the stereo triangle had sides that were clearly too long. Please consult your local carpenter or a hardware store for the necessary wood.

The cross-section increases at the open end by a factor of two to three.

Loudspeaker Kit Cyburgs Needle

The RS also required this type of correction, since its frequency curve shows a long bulge from to Hz. The ear is sensitive to any exaggerations in this range, which it perceives as annoying and bothersome. If equipped with Tangband, neefle recommend to use a wave trap, supplied as a crossover kit, to be mounted on wood: This plan is available with the friendly permission of Berndt Burghard.

The Needle is very neutral and can play down to below 50 Hz allowing to get by without a subwoofer most of the time. The greatest fault of many wide-range speakers in the 4-inch category is their fairly high resonant frequency of more than Hz in most cases.

All of these fortunate circumstances coming together made for an incredible box at a small price. When we measured the small wide-range speakers from Dayton Audio, we thought of the Needle right away.

A day later he sent us an email: You have to be logged in to write a review. The cybrgs strip and needel top rear strip came together at the lid.


In general, the TQWT is a widening sound conductor whose closed end has a cross-section near the membrane surface. This kit can be built without any mitred joints making it an ideal kit for DIY beginners.

Because it’s a fullranger the point source sound source does deliever excellent imaging. All Kits are sold under the brand OmnesAudio.

You want to build this kit as well? Compared to the FRS 8 version sound reproduction was more balanced and more subtle and, therefore, justified the higher price. Unlike the TLs, the channel ends in an outlet with about half the area of the membrane. The chassis is placed at a distance between one-third and one-half the length of the line from the closed end.

Nneedle for example the session information or language setting are stored on your computer. Our Speaker kits contain: The voices, room and localization, the representation of quiet sounds even with a large orchestra, fascinated all of the listeners equally.

With wave trap the Needle became even more balanced and was quite competitive compared to decent multiple driver speakers, provided the recordings were not too bass heavy.

cyburgs needle | breitbandlautsprecher tangband selfmade lau… | Flickr

Reporting on the crossover for a wide-range speaker is not an evening-long production. Sound People who trick others are not normally popular cybirgs, we agree whole-heartedly. The Duetta was the right choice after all!! The TQWT duct’s diameter, however, is increasing towards the outside.

Intertechnik, Kerpen 16, 19, 22 oder 25 mm MDF: