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So much for the sentiments incorporated 5 first half of the sloka.

More by R. Vedavalli

That is in the hundredth sloka of this stotra. Satakxm in the preceding sloka the Poet dealt with his having rescued and revived, in this he talks about the submerging consequent extinction of Irs sins.

Till Desika wrote the Dayaa sataka there was no textual authority postulating the supremac of Daya. The glory of an Empress will go up if she enslaves an emperor and imprisons him. All the years to come are not enough to experience the effects of my accumulated sins aga Okam asEsham anubahvithum AakAmi kaala: You reduce the heat associated with SamsAric taapams for the bound jeevans. Saoktiiooj ma Trimdi Sarva Jagyatam ” ; I worship those great and blessed persons who solely rely c the Mercy of Lord Sreenivasa to the exclusion of everything else- those great persons who rendered the ancient Vedas accessible i one and all by their own works Prabhandanu TheAlwarsare jefarced.

I beseech you who are an Empress backed up by strength, valour and other anucharaas sloka 1 1 to besiege me, blast the rampart walls, shatter my fort and to come in and cafrtur me and easlave me. Another and differc ed eekshana or look must have been responsible for Praia jstruction. The Divya-mangala Vigrahas or Bhagavad-roopas or forms, with special reference sataakam the Archa-moorti or Vigraha image of Satakxm Srinivasa is here spoken of as the quintessence of Daya.

Dayw about the Saarabhignaha in the previous sloka bri to the mind of the poet the rare mystic experiences of such g: But the fruits this tree are easy of reach, but only to those who bend. Power, fame wealth etc. He takes His bow daay Saarngam, adorns You as His protective shield and arrives at the victory spot of Thirumala to win in the battle. The dying chEthanam receives comfort now. Desika also shows here what true Jeevanmukti or the realisation sf the highest mokshananda is.


This sloka tells us that Daya Devi it is that is responsible, fo Baking the Lord remember us in our last moments.

Together He and Lakshmi take care of the soul of the dying man and lead it safely to eternal bliss. That protection or Paalana is Ananyasaadhya not available with any one else. The second half shows that the Court is a criminal court where i man is tried for offences alleged to have been committed by him, ind not a civil court where the rights of parties are adjudged.

It is a mere optical illusion caused by th refractive effect of hot and cold air at a distance, very often simulatin] the appearance of water. The third decad thus winds up with a prayer to Daya to take us to the Feet of the Lord.

Neela is blue sapphire. If they are not in tact, it will be difficult even to climb the hills and get to the foot hills to live there at ThiruvEnkatam and enjoy the sevai to the Lord. You are the pre-eminent expiation for those who have committed heinous crimes.

You control Your Lord according to Your will.

‎Sri Vedanta Desikar Daya Satakam by R. Vedavalli on Apple Music

The desire of the devotee is the immediate cause, is Daya that is the fundamental cause for all Vigrahaas. Dispensation of justice according to law is tjh.

Out of them Desika speaks of guana as going before Daya, and the other five as following in her wake. You respond according to the agenda of Karma that they bring to You to receive the fruits that they have earned. Therefore she alone can help us to cross the sahakam of Samsara in which we are now drifting on a frail boat without a rudder.

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The one who is born in this world gains Moksha Sukham without any satajam, once Your merciful glances fall on that person at the time of birth.

Know must gonitf front 1 and indicate where Daya is to function, functioning, Daya is backed up by the other five attributes wi whose support the protection afforded by Daya will not be con or effective. Taken there we begin to crave for those articles ddaya the pleasures they can afford us. A lamp burns only because of the oil. This is on the assumption that he ceases to sin from this iaiEment-am imp osstble assumption.

Empowered by You, Your Lord engages in the act of protection.

But unlike them he has a place in the Guruparampara or line of ach’aryas next only to that of Lakshmi who in turn is next to that Primordial Teacher, Sriman Narayana. No one other than Bhagavaan can protect this world. He is the safe shore to be attained. It is like pulling the weeds to their roots in a field with growing crops kaLamE yavasa apachAya neethi.

Full text of “Daya Satakam Of Vedanta Desika”

The Lord’s looks as indi- cating His Sankalpa or will are there said dayz be the immediate cause of creation or projection of the world. The sins of those, who have sought refuge in You, become afraid of You although they do not pay heed to others. Day abounds in sneha or fondness towards all human beings Prajaaj She lits the lamp of Shastra in the mind when it is in a proper an fit state anuguna dasa.

It is Your responsibility to protect Your child. Prathayati bahumaanam twatpratichchandabudhyan 36 Devi Anukampa!