Ghazwa-e-Khandaq’s Lesson for All Pakistanis. When God’s Help Read this same event excerpt from two urdu and one english book. 1. Ghazwa e Khandaq Ke Baare Main Muqamal Maloomat: ARY QTV: Ghazwa-e- Khandaq (Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab) Ka Waqia – Urdu. English (US); Español. The Battle of Khandaq (Arabic: غزوة الخندق, Battle of the Trench) or The Battle of Aḥzāb (Arabic: غزوة الأحزاب, Battle of the Confederates) took.

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At about that point, Muhammad received a visit from Nuaym ibn Masudan Arab leader who was well respected by the entire confederacy, but who had, unknown to them, secretly converted to Islam. They sharply rejected the terms of the agreement, [29] protesting Medina had never sunk to such levels of ignominy.

Banu Qurayza had the worst behavior with them with the most insulting words. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Mazhar Qayum 2 Dr. Akhtar Shamar 3 Dr.

Ghazwa-e-Khandaq Ka Waqia – Urdu

Khabdaq whole was a battle of wits in which Muslims had the best of it; without cost to themselves they weakened the enemy and increased the dissension. Get daily compiled columns from leading newspapers of Pakistan.

He asked them to inform him in a way that no one found out so that it would not put Muslims in low spirits.

Don’t you see that the summoner never stops and those who are taken away do not return? After consulting, the Confederate leaders sent Ikrimah to the Qurayza, signalling a united invasion of Medina.

While the Ghatafan did ghazsa retreat they had compromised themselves by entering into negotiations with Medina, and the Confederacy’s internal dissension had thereby been increased. Muhammad Aslam Dogar 1 Dr. The provisions of the Confederate armies were running out.


Sahih Muslim Abdul Qadeer Khan Dr. Allah tells us of the blessings and favors He bestowed upon His believing servants when He diverted their enemies and defeated them in the year when they gathered together and plotted.

They shouted, “O occupants of the tent! When they came upon you from above you and from below you, The Messenger of Allah came out with the believers, who numbered nearly three thousand, or it was said that they numbered seven hundred.

The Bedouins, the Ghatafan kyandaq other Confederates from Najd had already been compromised by Muhammad’s negotiations. Because of his pact with the Qurayza, he had not bothered to make defensive preparations along the Muslims’ border with the tribe. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Muslims borrowed many implements such as spade, pickaxe, axe, and basket from Banu Qurayzawho were Prophet’s s confederate at that time. My son, did you see me on that occasion? Horses and camels were dying out of hunger and wounds.

There are different views about the exact month. Confederations al-Ahzab comprising of three armies by the command of Abu Sufyan arrived in Medina. Watt conjectures that the Meccans at this point began to contemplate ghazqa conversion to Islam would be the most prudent option.

They came back to khanadq Prophet s and notified bhazwa by naming the two ureu ‘Adal and Qara. The women and children were in the strongholds of Al-Madinah.

After the death of ‘Amr b. Even though Imam ‘Ali a volunteered to fight with him, the Prophet s did not allow him, hoping that someone khandq would stand against him.

Battle of Khandaq – WikiShia

The same as what the Prophet s said happened until God released Mecca by his Prophet s. So the Muslims did this, working hard, and the Messenger of Allah khandxq with them, carrying earth away and digging, in the process of which there occurred many miracles and clear signs. There was another tent for Banu Ghaffar in the mosque and the blood started flowing from Sa’d’s tent to the tent of Bani Ghaffar.


This war is also well-known as al-Ahzab confederates since Quraysh tribe got unified with other tribes to eradicate Islam.

Huyay bin Akhtab An-Nadari went to rudu and kept trying to persuade them until they broke the treaty and went over to the side of the Confederates against the Messenger of Allah. He stated that the tribe intended to ask the Confederacy for hostages, ostensibly in return for cooperation, but really to hand over to Muhammad. The Prophet s and Muslims were domiciled at the foot of Mount Sal’and brought the women and children to Qila’. He at one time leaned for me and I cast a glance and at another time I leaned for him and he would see and I recognised my father as he rode on his horse with his arms towards the tribe of Quraizah.

Fareed Ahmed Paracha 6 Dr. They promised that they would give them help and support, and Quraysh agreed to that. Some of the Muslims like Banu Haritha asked the Prophet s for the permission to leave, putting forward the excuse that their houses are unprotected and they worry about enemy’s attacks or burglary. Abdullah bin Abu Aufa reported: The Prophet s struck it three times. In all they numbered nearly ten thousand. Prophet of God khzndaq, p. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Ha Mim, la yunsarun means the enemy will not conquer.