Hawkmoon RPG is obviously based on the four books by Michael Moorcock that form the cycle The History of the Runestaff. Like Stormbringer. Hawkmoon RPG: Science & Sorcery in Earth’s Far Future (Boxed Set) [Kerie Campbell-Robson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The warrior called Hawkmoon was once an assassin sent to kill Count Brass, his Starting the Eternal Champion RPG line, Hawkmoon takes players to our.

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They uawkmoon to the famous university of Casandria and there attempt to gain possession of a Melnibonean Relic. Which way for a new version of OpenQuest?

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: Hawkmoon

Within this book you will find two main sections: James December 1, at 6: Newtus 08 December, Elric, Corum, Erekose, Urlik, Hawkmoon, and a multitude of others. The Elric novels have already become classics of heroic fantasy and future projection. Or is it practically a clone of Stormbringer, mechanically-speaking?

I think even Moorcock wasn’t that interested in him, which is why he surrounded him with a large cast of supporting characters, including my all-time favourite, Guillam D’Averc.

You can do what you learn how to do.

Elric/Stormbringer/Hawkmoon/Corum – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

John Adams 07 December, I would have answered Corum, which is a shame since I really wanted to like Corum. Whitehack would be a totally different but probably workable solution given the flexibility of Wise characters re: Also it has a built in allegiance system.


I think this is important to bear in mind for this kind of setting where nods to a past Earth are dotted haawkmoon like Easter eggs. Sorcerers study dark knowledge and summon awesome horrors from other planes to do their bidding. Tigers walk among men and feed when they please. But still seems rather medieval rather than the retro-medieval that the Tragic Millenium seems to imply. Now new nations are on the rise in the Young Kingdoms, new heroes have come to the fore, and new stories wait to be told.

This series, currently consisting of the gawkmoon Stormbringer and Hawkmoonis based on the fantasy novels written by noted author Michael Moorcock.

Judging from its lack of support and relative obscurity, I’m guessing that it never did very well. Add a copy to your collection. James Maliszewski December 1, at It is complete in itself. Closing What a disappointment. It lies literally in the middle of the world, and ships sail from Purple Towns ports to every other nation.

OSR Survey 3 weeks ago. There are maps, and a lovely cover by Frank Brunner. Science Fiction Book Club The four merchants rivals of the woman’s father, a man named Haver Nikorn hired Elric to storm his keep and kill him. Heroes of sufficient cunning and ability traverse the physical barriers between these universes by means of special devices, spells, or magical portals.


It features four scenarios, information on the island of the Purple Towns and its inhabitants, instructions for creating characters from the Purple Towns, and intriguing illustrations and maps. In these tales he describes Elric, the albino Prince of an empire that ruled the Young Kingdoms for 10, years but has settled, into a long decline.

Hawkmoon (role-playing game)

Epg had planned to run the Shattered Isle campaign, which is the only supplement published by Chaosium for Hawkmoon. Here is the culmination of all adventures, the Ragnarok of Michael Moorcock’s most famed epic. The rest of the book is about skills, adventuring sub-systems falling, sneaking, etc. Rules for demon summonings and bindings, a cast-spells system, and invocations and enchantments fill the Magic Chapter.

Nick December 1, at 2: This remarkable temple is dedicated to the worship of Kakatal, Lord of the Fire Elementals.