Sept. · · · · · © Hermann Detering. Powered by WordPress | Theme: Graphy von Themegraphy. René Salm has so far compiled 26 web pages addressing Hermann Detering’s “ new” argument for Christian origins involving influences from. In the Fall issue of The Journal of Higher Criticism, an author named Herman Detering offers an item titled The Falsified Paul. The dedication tells the story.

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The field of comparative religion is old and broad. Detering cannot understand why Paul would go into Arabia and not Jerusalem.

While I feel that I am not really qualified to say if Detering research is correct, I will say that on the face of it, it does appear convincing to me. Im Lichte der Auferstehung wird nicht nur die Grabkammer Jesu erhellt und das Wesen des Todes ausgeleuchtet, sondern zugleich die Dunkelheit unseres Daseins aufgedeckt.

Nennt man das schon Haltung? Early Christianity In The Twilight. It has a more personal approach to begin with, and secondly seems less technical. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for hetmann on the go. Ascension of Isaiah Bart Ehrman Bauckham: Die Weihnachtsgeschichte spricht von einem jungen Paar, von Joseph und seiner schwangeren Frau Maria, und von einem Kind in der Krippe.

Hermann Detering

Possibly the length of it triggered a spam meter. This simply fails to account for reporting methods used in this period; see here. Page numbers are for the English. Despite Detering, and the complicated conspiracy he proposes, it is far more likely that such ommissions were accidental; getting rid of the “not” doesn’t serve at all to turn Paul into a “complaint pacifier” since the act of non-submission — Titus’ lack of circumcision — remains plainly obvious.


In addition to a little bolding and underlining, there will be some color-coding: I have restored it, however. Menschenlocke, wirst nicht grau. Das Urchristentum deteirng Zwielicht.

H. Detering, “The Gnostic Meaning of the Exodus”—A commentary (Pt. 1) | Mythicist Papers

The “we” is also intended to “exclude a special revelation to Paul” for the receipt of grace and an apostolic mission is something that God would hardly limit to one person. There are a series of comments offered about alleged peculiarities in the openings to Paul’s epistles. Armin rated it it was amazing Jun 29, He than presents his evidence for the inauthenticity of the rest.

Numerous individual observations which have not been considered by theologians until now are brought together to produce an entirely new picture of early Christianity. Table of Contents The impotence of biblical studies Jesus mythicism on the upswing… Mythicism on the cusp of history—Pt. Amazon Restaurants Food hrmann from local restaurants. They are at least willing to grant some of Paul’s letters as authentic, if not the majority at least 6 or 7.


This post is going straight to the March Biblical Studies Carnival. Neil is the author of this post. Detering also seems to assume here that “apostle” is a formal title, when in fact it simply means someone who is sent, and could hermqnn applied to anyone sent on a mission trip.

Wir meinen sie dstering kennen, aber wissen wir wirklich, worum es geht? Im Nichts — wer steht da? Kent R Moshier rated it it was amazing Mar 09, The union of man and God 4.

Fascinating detective work; Bizarre conclusion An absolutely fascinating look at why certain scholars a minority of them, but still claim that none of Paul’s letters are authentic At the end of the book the puzzle of Paul finds a solution that is as amazing as it is illuminating.

Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Joseph R Balthis rated it liked it Jun 16, It is also worth noting that one of Detering’s objections amounts to saying that the people of Galatia would be too backwards to understand Paul’s letter. The Catholic Church transferred the negative attributes of “Paul, apostle of the heretics” instead onto Simon, treated as a character distinct from Paul.

Did Paul Copy from Himself?