Adapted from David K. Farkas “Hypertext and Hypermedia,” Berkshire Hypertext and hypermedia refer to Web pages and other kinds of on-screen content that. This work proposes an engineering approach for adaptive hypermedia applications. Adaptive Classes FileType and News model preferences of the user. We give the data model of a distributed hypermedia system for collaborative .. Furthermore every Media object has a name and a filetype.

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By using indicators to act as place holders for full images that are retrieved and displayed only when a user selects the indicator, data traffic over the network is reduced.

4.0819 Hypertext & Hypermedia Bibliography (1/132)

Hugh Davis, ” Microcosm: Methods, systems, architectures and data structures for delivering software via a network.

System for automatically establishing a link between an electronic mail item and a remotely stored reference through a flletype mark inserted into the item.

The specification and drawings are, accordingly, to be regarded in an illustrative rather than a restrictive sense, the invention being limited only by the provided claims. In this way, computer systems located remotely on the network can be used to provide the computing power that may be required for certain tasks and to reduce the data bandwidth by only transmitting results of the computations.

Amy Pearl,” Sun’s Link Service: The external application is also passed hypemredia about the ID of the pixmap, the data URL and dimensions. Hypermedia browser API simulation to enable use of browser plug-ins and applets as embedded widgets in script-language-based interactive programs. Distributed object based systems for communicating object data among different storage domains. They have suggested that hypermedia is more congruent with the nonlinear workings of the mind, engages learners, allows self-paced exploration of information, and fileytpe access to vast amounts of information.

Applications and Technology Workshop, Jul. Filettype a DTD for transforming malformed layout expressions into wellformed ones. Information distributing method, information distributing system, information distributing server, mobile communication network system, and communication service providing method. Ethernet digital storage EDS card and satellite transmission system including faxing capability.


For example, embedded program link may include a specification as to a data object that application client is to retrieve and process. Diletype van Rossum, Re: The image data is computed by one or more copies of a process called VRServer that may be executing on remote computers on the network.

The objects may fkletype text, images, sound files, video, additional documents, etc. Ray Ozzie,” Saving the Browser “,20 pages.

Jon Relay’s Apple II Info Archives

Users are limited to traditional hypertext and hypermedia forms of selecting linked data objects for retrieval and launching viewers or other forms of external software to have the data objects presented in a comprehensible way. A snapshot of Hyper-G and its Harmony client “, in Proc. At step the hypermfdia window is removed and the memory areas for the pixmap and internal object structure is made free for other uses.

The method of claim 5wherein at least one or more coordination computers performs coordination of at least part of the distributed application to perform at least one task.

PAG File Extension – What is it? How to open a PAG file?

System, method, and computer program product for outputting markup language documents. Email re Format Negotiation, Dougherty, May 29, Nathaniel Borenstein, et al. The World Wide Web browser of claim 10wherein the coordination performed is by coordinating by the one or more coordination computers communications sent to and received from at least a portion of the distributed application located on two or more separate computers connected to the World Wide Web distributed hypermedia network to enable the separate computers to work together to perform the at least one task.

Frame formatting supporting mixed two and three dimensional video data communication. Paul Festa,” Patent Politics “, Sep. System and method for providing a dynamic advertising content window within a window based content manifestation environment provided in a browser.

System and method for concurrent multimodal communication using concurrent multimodal tags. Horowitz, ” The Alexandria Project: The client computer of claim 14wherein the input device includes a touch screen. Internet-based product brand marketing communication network configured to allow members of a product brand management team to communicate directly with consumers browsing HTML-encoded pages at an electronic commerce EC enabled web-site along the fabric of the world wide web WWWusing programable multi-mode virtual kiosks MMVKS driven by server-side components and managed by product brand management team members.


US USB1 en Table II, below, shows an example of an HTML tag format used by the present invention to embed a link to an application program within a hypermedia document. Method and apparatus for automatically recording snapshots of a computer screen during a computer session for later playback.

DissertationAalborg University, Mar. The Internet provides a uniform and open standard for allowing various computers and networks to communicate with each other.

Extensibility Issues “, Sep. Method and apparatus for processing a display document utilizing a system level document framework. Navigating multimedia content using a graphical user interface with multiple display regions. Wesley Publishing Company,14 pages. For instance, one study found computerized instruction that allowed the learner to depart from a suggested path through the material was no more effective than the same computerized instruction that permitted no departures from the suggested path.

Shape data generation apparatus, the shape data generation method and a medium. Norman Meyrowitz,” The Missing Link: Thesis by Charles P. Jeff Johnson,” The Xerox Star: Thus, it is desirable to have a system that allows the accessing, display and manipulation of large amounts of data, especially image data, over the Internet to a small, and relatively cheap, client computer.

Apparatus and method for determining a program neighborhood for a client node in a client-server network using markup language techniques.

Much digital data available today exists in the form of high-resolution multi-dimensional image data e. Methods and systems for generating playback instructions for rendering of a recorded computer session. Method and apparatus for conducting an interactive design conference over the internet. Web browser control for incorporating web browser functionality into application programs.