View and Download Ibanez SDR owner’s manual online. Stereo Digital Reverb. SDR Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Download IBANEZ SDR SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. The Ibanez SDR Stereo Digital Reverb (Based on Sony MU-R) re- defines digitally-simulated reverberation with true stereo User Manual + Brochure.

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Hey Guys, Digging up an oldie here. Any body out there have any concrete proof either way.

Started by Hairball Audio The Lab. I have to wonder if Ibanez built any of their rackmounted verbs etc. I can understand that. Be warned- the chip may not be socketed, but the bottom of the PCB is fairly easy to access without full disassembly.

I’ve just acquired one of these guys and have a couple of questions. Another post I saw suggested some sort of upgrade kit used to ianez out for the original SDR’s.

I’m assuming a flashing procedure of some sort, through midi perhaps?? In my case, the supply to the display would drop out or fail to start.

If I cycle the power it seems to cure it most of the time. Just in general, since I don’t know anything of those specific units: Solid as a rock now. Whether Sony made them, or it just used the Sony chip, I don’t know.

It is unfortunate that there is so little info out there on any of these units.


I’ve been having a problem with it not powering up fully on some ocassions, the analog section comes up but the digital section is DOA. The upgrade supposedly adds new reverb algorithms equivalent to the Sony?

I have an on going debate with a fellow audio guy on another forum manhal I am trying to clear up something. I put a support query in to Ibanez a few days ago, but that unit’s old enough now that I’m not really getting my hopes up. Philips stuff uses Sony chips. What do you guys find these useful for?

Ibanez Sdr + Instruction Manual Istruzioni In Inglese | eBay

OK, for a better example: Also got an SPX90 that won’t power up, which I’m assuming is the caps in the switching power supply that need replacement. Started by cantgetnosleep The Lab.

March 29, I’m guessing it was mainly the chip originals use a D27C It manuwl to have been that main 9-pin connection from the transformer, but in addition to cleaning it, I reflowed some joints in that area just ubanez case. The reverbs seem kind of flat sounding at first blush plugged into a Strat and Princeton, but perhaps I’m missing something.

Sorry to be the second manial to drag this thread back up, but if any kind soul who owns that coveted “plus” version of the SDR ever feels like reading the contents of that firmware EPROM, I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one to be in your debt.


Bandwidth on the effect is rather limited, but they have their own version of ‘smooth. Is there a manual available, or perhaps one available manua, downloading? Crash Member Texas Posts: Yes, Sony built them all. September 30, A full featured, display-equipped remote showed up later, but appears to need that newer firmware.

Some Akai samplers have Yamaha chips.

Studio Manuals – Ibanez

February 08, I am still awaiting a return e-mail from Ibanez, though I get the feeling it isn’t coming. They are going to mess around and make me pick up the phone and call someone. April 30, I think I am going to have to pop the top on my and take some digital pics to show this guy that he is dead wrong.

September 12, He doesn’t seem to care that I have been in my regular and saw nothing but Sony parts staring back at me. Started by Crash The Lab. That had always been my understanding as well. Same for ICs etc.

Ibanez SDR1000 Owner’s Manual

Not much to listen to by themselves except on electric gtrbut in the mix they blend perfectly without stepping on other effects. I’m assuming the usual suspects like cold solder joints and capacitor replacement in the power supply sections.

It’s the attack of the 80’s!