Carb Back-Loading, The Carb Nite Solution, Shockwave Protocol, Transforming Recipes. In addition to Carb Back-Loading(CBL), Kiefer has written a previous book titled The Carb Nite Solution. From his credentials and by listening to. The carb backloading strategy is a diet regimen designed to help you lose John Kiefer — the creator of carb backloading — believes this way of eating . frequently cited throughout John Kiefer’s book, “Carb Backloading”.

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Essentially, carb back-loading means you eat sparingly during the day, sticking to lean protein and low-carb veg, then eat all your carbs in the evening, post-workout.

Achieving your desired level of leanness is truly “diet-by-numbers”. My first goal was to see my abs.

Trivia About Carb Back-Loading. My background as a physicist keeps me hungry for knowledge.

Carb Backloading: What it Is and Whether it Works

We’ve been misled in recent years as to what we should eat when. Conventional wisdom preaches higher carbs at the start of the day; a truism which Kiefer argues is counterproductive because our body is more biologically attuned to burning fat at this time. His theory is largely based around research showing that insulin sensitivity peaks in the morning, which causes your body to store glucose both into fat and muscles.

On the plus side you can eat what you want for dinner every day and just need have breakfast and lunch within certain parameters although avoiding breakfast altogether is ideal. In fact, I feel even better than on past diets that were meant to help me build muscle. I love Back-Loading way more than any other nutritional protocol I’ve tried in the past.

Carb Back-Loading: Manual for Total Body Fat Control

Feb 06, Thi T. Payment Methods Wondering how to pay? So, without any backloaeing, sizable scientific studies, it is hard to say whether carb back-loading is the dream diet we’ve all been waiting for or just another excuse to sell books. I developed Carb Back-Loading after nearly two decades of reading through science and medical journals, absorbing everything from the thermodynamics of the body to biomolecular processes that make metabolism possible.


The carb back-loading diet could provide the holy grail to packing on mass and losing bckloading. Personally I feel that rice or potatoes would be healthier than ice cream.

I would never eat the foods I loved — like the cherry turnover above — and I never dared miss a feeding, fearing the rumble, irritability and nausea of an empty stomach. To succeed, you must eat the foods you’ve been told to uohn, like pizza, donuts, pastries, ice cream…. The author recommends training in the evening pm as the optimum time and the book gives a planned kieefer programme based on this. Modulated Tissue Response MTR is the ability to tell some types of tissue in the body to grow while signalling other tissue to shrink and die.

If you have any technical problems we would love to have our Tech Specialists help you out. But I found a way to look awesome anyway. What you will learn from Carb Back-Loading is how to choose your food and training time to amplify those signals and experiences hohn levels of strength, size, and fat loss. After all, joyn is caring He believes that, unless you are an elite athlete or body builder, there are far more important things you should be focusing on. I make gains in the gym with little effort, even training a total of 3 hours a week ; I eat cherry turnovers, hamburgers and fries, ice cream and cheesecake and guess what?

Products by John Kiefer

Growing your own food is as healthy as it bsckloading in terms of nutrition. In 12 weeks I successfully went from a body weight of lb to lb, took my squat from lb to lb, my deadlift from lb to lb, and not gained one ounce of body fat during the process. But with Carb Back-Loading, these results are typical. Thousands of Transformations Just Like These. My clients pay over dollars for me to create a diet plan for backloadjng unique schedule of eating, training and work — not to mention all the normal stuff.

Carb Back-Loading 1.0

GLUT are specialized protein structures and they transport glucose — blood sugar — into cells for energy or for storage as fat. Stephanie Wimer rated it it was amazing Oct 23, A constant influx of calories advocated by the frequent meal camp is not only unnecessarily inconvenient, but mounting evidence suggests is a great way to develop insulin resistance over time. From the Mind of a Physicist.

  DECRETO 5707 DE 2006 PDF

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Float tanks are all the rage at the moment, and the many health benefits they can provide. Learn what the right type of exercise and the right intensity is to literally change the molecular function of your cells so you booi fat and keep or even build muscle.

Join Us Book a Tour. Carb Back-Loading takes advantage of the most advanced and intricate features of human metabolism.

J rated it really liked it Jan 24, Andreas Baur rated it it was amazing Jan 31, Not to be uttered, lest your stomach bloat and you immediately put on 20kg. I never imagined being this lean, this muscular and this strong until I discovered the principles of MTR. The female curse, I thought, blaming it my gender and my genes. Yirou Chen rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Edgar Torres rated it really liked it Sep 11, Everything you could want is in the book.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I think the book is a great resource and the author certainly makes sense of the science and I do not understand enough to disagree with this at a scientific level. Jeremy rated it it was amazing Feb 05, Where we can focus on the rhythm, the breath and the intention Where we can walk into this It turns out that for easy, sustainable fat losswe should be manipulating our insulin levels in a completely different manner than we’re being told.

The book is excellent in explaining all of the mechanisms exploited in the diet to the tiniest detail.