A way of entitlement for managersI read ancient perspicacious Thirukkural two times. Being a student of development management academy I. Study on ancient Tamil didactic verse work, Tirukkur̲al by Tiruvaḷḷuvar. Management Mantras from Thirukkural (Paperback) / Author: S.M. Veerappan / Author: T. Srivasan ; ; Management & management techniques, .

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Since I can not understand Tamil, please guide me. Planning, and thinking ahead, needs to be given a high priority.

See all Vendor Offers. So is walking on the right path. Do not cease from practicing Dharma on all possible occasions to the best of your ability. Would they vibe well with the culture of the organization?

12 Management Mantras by Thiruvalluvar | Piktochart Visual Editor

Kind of you to say so. Thank you for the re-blog. Know its strengths and review your plans accordingly. Once your order has been shipped, we offer the following times for delivery in business days Mon-Fri: Choose yours well” — Robin sharma,Writer. Thiruvalluvar, the author of this ancient scripture lived in Tamil Nadu,India about years ago. Write your own review Customer reviews From the critics. Jan 3, 2: Forgetting and forgiving helps us to reduce our own thirukukral levels.


Thiruvalluvar, the author of this ancient scripture lived in Tamil Nadu,India managemenh years ago.

This book has three main parts, Life with the power of goodness, Material life and Life with the passion of love. So old but so fresh. We should go through Mqnagement analysis of the project.

People who sound the same based on their CVs are all different. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Thirukkural is an ancient Tamil literature which gives wisdom to human soceity.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The English translation of the couplet followed by the manfras of the couplet is mentioned first followed by the quote.

Management Mantras from Thirukkural (Paperback)

Decision making ability The couplet beautifully brought out the importance of decision making ability for the king and ministers. Moreover Thiruvalluvar talks about managerial decisions.

Communication is a substantial tool to express feelings and message. Jan 4, 3: Virtue, Wealth and Love. Tamil is one of the oldest languages still spoken today.

Patience and forbearance are recommended. Broadly speaking, all the chapters can be divided into three sections: The first category covers virtue, wealth and love.


This sagacious literature is a way to entitle ourselves with qualities. Brand Image of an Organization Thirukkural has chapters which are intended for developing and managing kingdoms. Add to wishlist Details Add to basket. Their personality traits are not the managekent. Procurement management Word cloud. Reblogged this on Truth Managgement Thiruvalluvar, the author of this ancient scripture amntras in Tamil Nadu about years old.

On Actions of Leader: Would you mind providing me the YouTube link once it is done? Join 32 other followers. Every professional should enforce this cherished mantra in his life to accomplish long term goals for the sustainable development of our country.

Dec 30, The poet also emphasizes the need to keep upgrading our subject knowledge, so as to do well in our careers.